The Durness Highland Gathering is one of the most spectacular events held in this North West corner of Scotland. Held annually in July.


Sadly we have cancelled this year's games. The next games will be in July 2022 

Regrettably the Durness Highland Gathering Association must once again announce the cancellation of this year's Durness Highland Gathering due to the ongoing prevalence of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

We have every hope that we will be able to enjoy our 50th Durness Highland Gathering in 2022, and in the meantime wish our friends locally and from afar, good health and good wishes. 

See you in 2022! 



There can be little doubt that traditional Games of agility and strength have been practised in the Highlands from very early times. Durness Highland Gathering is a small event with all the trimmings of traditional Scottish Highland Games. Revived in 1970 after a break of approximately ten years. In 1914, the Sports can be recollected as being held at Achins in September. Since 1970, the Gathering has been held in the present field, Shore Park, beyond the football pitch. 


The committee meets in January when a president is appointed and a chieftain is selected. Sometimes a celebrity, someone with Durness connections or a local person and this appointment is a local honour.


On the day of the gathering, the parade of officials, chieftain and competitors leaves the Village Square at twelve noon following the pipe band to the game's field.

The event begins at 12 noon with the chosen Chieftain for the day meeting the members of the pipe band before marching on to the Games Field to declare the games open.


Entry to all competitions are free and open to everyone no matter which country you come from. If you do not wish to compete just come and watch and maybe meet up with old friends or make new ones.


This is a day not to be missed when touring this beautiful part of the Highlands of Scotland. We have much to offer in the way of a Scottish Pipe Band, Highland Dancers, Field, Track and Heavy events.